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Transmedia – one way to future proof your career in journalism

You’d be forgiven for thinking that journalism is just about the worst industry to attempt to enter at the moment. The headlines are scary. Redundancies are up and over the past decade of digital disruption, thousands of journalists have been forced to find new pastures to graze.

Whilst none of that is fake news, it is like all stories of human endeavour, not the whole story! Young and mid-career journalists, have hit the trifecta – a golden era of new media jobs, new story telling techniques and an audience that has broken through national barriers and now spans the globe. Underlying it all, an immutable fact - journalism continues to do its job, even if it’s been turned on its head.

New and then even newer players enter the playing field on an almost daily basis. They might not look like legacy media but they play like them – breaking stories, shining the proverbial light in dark corners. The fittest of them are thriving. And all the survivors are creating new and exciting opportunities for digitally trained journalists who see the potential of new media to continue to do what journalism has always done – research, investigate, report, and tell people all they need to know about the world around them. 

Legacy media – The Guardian, The New York Times amongst them – have been expanding their digital footprint too, with reporters on the ground delivering greater and deeper coverage of Australia. And they have more reporters in far flung places, delivering witnessed reportage of the global stories that impact everyone from the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne to the villages of Zimbabwe and Indonesia. Our own ABC continues to reshape itself to be well placed for that moment when its current two-speed audience – online and on free to air – morph down to one. In the do over, the ABC continues to create jobs all over the country for young and mid-career journalists.

The key to getting in, staying in and thriving is training. And imagination.

The spoils of audience go to the bravest of outlets, the ones willing to experiment and re-imagine the way they tell stories. Transmedia journalism with the narrative unfolding across multiple points, giving the curious the ability to forage down rabbit holes and expand their knowledge and understanding will soon surpass multimedia journalism and make it look limited at best. In this brave new world, there’ll be big new ethical dilemmas too. All the more to conquer and explain – the job of journalism.

Transmedia is offered as part of our Graduate Certificate of Future Journalism.

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