By Daniel Koublachvili, Bachelor of Advertising and Media

Sam Court’s UX course got this year going with a bang. Rather than learning in a traditional classroom setup, Sam invited us to The White Agency where we learnt the nitty-gritty of UX Design, surrounded by industry professionals. And, there was Ping Pong.

I assumed UX Design was similar to graphic design, but I’ve learnt it’s so much more than that. We first discovered how to think about it, with a technique called Crazy 8s. In five minutes, you create eight unique ideas, before sharing them with the class. You can then take on other people’s ideas while they borrow from you. Using low-fi sketching, you keep the process visual, and it warms your mind up for big creative thinking.

How many ways can you use a paperclip? The number of answers you can come up with indicates your ability for divergent thinking. Very young children score better than secondary-school students, as their imagination takes them further. An older student knows what a paperclip is used for so will only state this. So, what does this have to do with UX? It’s important to be a divergent thinker and a convergent thinker at the same time.

The White Agency


In essence, UX Design involves choosing a problem to solve. The first step is to go wild and make a long list of every idea you have about it. Then you push the boundaries even further. Once you’ve got to this point, you work to converge the ideas, narrowing them down to the purest solution which will address your problem.

Learning UX Design with Sam this trimester has been so inspiring. I’ve learnt so much and can’t wait to show off all my creative thinking when I present my final assessments.

Advertising student Nathan Sarmiento and Sam Court


Daniel is currently studying the Bachelor of Advertising and Media. The User Experience class is taught by Sam Court, Head of Experience Design at The White Agency.

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