It's been a pleasure working with Catherine Dix and the team from Web Profits as they partner with us to bring knowledge and case study experience to our Mobile Communications students at Macleay College. It's all part of Macleay's cutting edge and innovative Advertising and Digital Media Bachelor Degrees that have been rolled out this year.

As Catherine says " mobile isn't here to stay .... it's taking over!”.

The mobile communication unit focuses on the use of advertising on mobile platforms. It introduces the various types of mobile ads and their distinct differences from desktop web- based ads. Learning about different advertising models and how they’re applied to mobile devices through stand-alone apps, mobile web and mobile social media. 

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Catherine is regularly having conversations with clients, colleagues and friends who run businesses about site performance and specifically their mobile site performance.  The challenge marketers have is that they often have to rely on development teams to make technical changes on their behalf.

You can catch more here.

Image (pictured left to right): Catherine Dix Head of Content Marketing + SEO at Web Profits with some of Macleay College's Mobile Communications students.


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