What Is Digital Media?

Macleay College Digital Media courses take the digitally savvy generation and teach them the skills and know-how to succeed in the digital age. So if you're interested in the future of digital, love keeping up with all the tech trends and know YouTuber's better than your bffs then Digital Media at Macleay is the course for you.

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What is Digital Media?

Digital Media is all around us. It blends technology with content you see, watch and read every day. Right now, you’re consuming digital media. From apps to games, news on your phone, social networking online, and even the software NASA uses to communicate with astronauts: digital media is part of everyday life.

Digital media is a broad term, covering a number of different products, industries and job roles. There are the things you can see: pictures, videos, articles; and then there is behind the scenes: web development, apps, video production, coding and data. The field is changing so quickly that there are new products being invented every day. So Digital Media professionals can be experts in social media, virtual reality, web development, storytelling, or know a little about everything! The field is diverse and fast-moving, perfect for anyone looking for a challenge.

What courses are Macleay introducing?

Macleay College is introducing two Digital Media courses: the Diploma of Digital Media and the Bachelor of Digital Media. The Diploma acts as the first stage of the Bachelor, so if you are thinking about studying Digital Media but not sure how long you want to study for, the Diploma is a great choice!

The Diploma offers a strong fundamental understanding of Digital Media with 60 internship hours where you build your professional experience and portfolio. The Bachelor builds on your learning and challenges you academically and professionally with more complex tasks and problems to solve. The Bachelor degree requires an additional 120 hours of internship to further develop your professional education.

What will I learn in the course?

The Macleay Digital Media course gives you a detailed knowledge of Digital Media, teaching you the theory and skills, and then putting these into practice with industry awareness. You learn this through the core subjects, including:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Digital Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • Written Communications
  • Story & Narrative

You will also gain work experience and develop your professional portfolio, which will help you win your dream job.

Can I specialise in one area of Digital Media?

Yes! The Digital Media courses are designed to give you a fundamental understanding, but then also allow you to follow your passion with a specialisation. These specialisations are designed to help you find your specific career goal and the subjects build upon each other to give you the skills to stand out from the crowd. Specialisations include:

  • Written Communications
  • Digital Video
  • Interactive Design
  • Coding, Data & Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Business
  • Digital Journalism

How can I study the Digital Media course?

What career opportunities are there in Digital Media?

With job titles being created almost daily, Digital Media graduates have unlimited career options. The Digital Media course specialisations help to give you an idea of some of the specific job roles that the course can prepare you for:


Become a specialist writer for digital media, this can include writing copy for websites, apps, blog posts, online articles and communications for businesses as well as strategy & copy for social media campaigns


Develop and implement strategic concepts for photo and video productions, then produce these as screen content for digital media such as branded content videos, explainer videos, online advertising films, internal communications videos, music videos and short films


Become a specialist digital and social media marketer who develops and implements social media campaigns, Facebook advertising campaigns, email marketing, SEO and SEM marketing and all forms of online  communications and marketing.


Focus your studies in digital media on the business aspects of the course to become a digital business entrepreneur or e-commerce coordinator. Great if you want to start your own business, or work in management in a larger business that specialises in digital media communications and/or products.


Focus your interest in the digital space by becoming an online producer for a variety of platforms, including news platforms with traditional and non-traditional media organisations. You can use these skills to become a trend content producer for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or become a feature blogger focusing on your area of interest.

How do I enrol in the Digital Media course?

To enrol in either the Diploma or Bachelor of Digital Media simply click HERE.

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