What to do if you didn’t get the ATAR you wanted

Our What to do if you didn’t get the ATAR you wanted webinar was one of our most requested topics of last year. So here is the recap which covers your options.

ATARs. They can be the primary focus of your high school years, and a huge stressor. A lower ATAR can drastically reduce your study options at many institutions, so it can be devastating if the number you got is not what you expected. But it’s not a deal breaker. You still have plenty of options on the table to enrol in tertiary study.

Non ATAR Pathways

Not getting an ATAR? Or is your ATAR not quite what you expected? You can enrol directly into any of the Macleay College Diploma programs if you have completed your HSC. It’s that simple. No ATAR required. 

If a Bachelor Degree is what you are aiming for, you can use a Macleay Diploma as a launchpad into our Degree program or a program at another University.

At Macleay, our Diplomas are nested and sit within the Bachelor program (the Diploma units make up half of the Degree). This means at the end of the completion of the Diploma you can apply to transfer (articulate) into the Degree.

Transferring from Diplomas to Degrees

At Macleay, we have an articulation program. This allows our Diploma students to enter the Bachelor program at the completion of their Diploma. This requires only one additional year of study (full-time) and is a great way to add a Bachelor to your list of qualifications, or to enter a Bachelor program without the required ATAR.

You can read more about articulation options on our FAQs page.

The difference between Diplomas and Degrees

Wondering what the difference is between a Diploma and a Degree? Diploma graduates have specialised knowledge and technical skills. Diplomas are a great way to launch your career in a specific field or to add to your existing qualifications quickly. Bachelor degrees by comparison cover a broader range of topics in their areas of study as well as providing technical and communication skills.

Our next intake starts on February 5th 2018, and applications are still open. If you need any more admissions questions answered (or are ready to apply), our careers advisors are always available to speak with you about your options. Click here to to make an appointment.

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