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Where will journalism take you?

A career in journalism can take you in all sorts of exciting directions. The mass communication industry has plenty of opportunities in both digital and print media, such as working in TV, radio  and online.

By studying journalism, you could end up in any of the following roles:

Radio Producer Radio producers earn an average salary of $76,232A radio producer creates content and manages the production process for both live and recorded radio programs. While they play a significant role in deciding what's heard by listeners, they are rarely on air themselves. Radio producers generate original ideas, identify suitable ideas from others and research thoroughly. They're also involved with the business and technical side, and responsible for managing budgets and resources. 


Investigative Reporter Investigative journalism requires in-depth investigation of a single story to draw attention to a topic of public interest. An investigative reporter may spend months or years researching a single issue. Investigative reporting relies on material gathered by the reporter to expose public matters that have been concealed, either deliberately or accidentally. A journalist can expect to earn an average salary of $79,092.

Editor An editor needs both a love of words and a critical eye. They work with the journalist's raw story and ready it for publication. This is the equivalent of polishing and shaping the copy, refining and enhancing it. They need to keep both the writer and the audience happy throughout the process. 

TV Reporter Television reporters, or broadcast journalists collect, verify and analyse information about news and events, presenting it accurately and in an impartial fashion. TV reporters work in a variety of genres including news and current affairs to research program ideas, gather interviewees and locations, visuals and audio footage and other background information. TV reporters prepare questions and conduct interviews on camera, then assist with the editing of the material, working to tight timings and deadlines. The average salary for a news reporter in Australia is $76,232.

Foreign Correspondent A foreign correspondent reports on news from other countries, covering everything from politics, business and technology, through to other issues. Foreign correspondents act as the public’s eyes and ears – often they are the only source of information about international events. Their job is to observe events objectively and convey the information in an article or for broadcast, including live television reporting.


Reporter News reporters gather and assemble news and information to keep the public informed about important events. This information may come via a range of sources such as personal interviews, contacts, briefings and Q&A sessions. Australian reporters can expect to earn an average salary of $79,092.

Travel Writer Travel writers cover a range of destination articles for digital and print publications. They use their personal experiences and knowledge of particular locations to write blurbs, articles, documentaries or travel guides, accompanied by photographs. Writers need to select topics and locations with marketing in mind. A travel writer in Australia can expect to earn a journalist’s salary of $79,092 – plus some sweet perks, of course!


Fashion Journalist Fashion journalists write about clothing and accessories for websites, magazines and newspapers. Part of their role include attending fashion shows and identifying trends. Fashion journalists also conduct interviews with designers and do industry research. A fashion journalist in Australia can expect to earn an average salary of $79,092.

Sports Journalist The average salary for a sports journalist in Australia is $79,092. The role of a sports journalist is to write about and report on amateur and professional sports. Sports journalists work across print, radio, television and online, reporting on game stats, interviewing coaches and players, and offering game commentary.

Is a Journalism career in your future? Find out more about what’s on offer at Macleay here or contact us with any questions.  

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