Working by your own rules

On Wednesday August 1, the Advertising & Digital Media students at Macleay Melbourne were lucky enough to be paid a visit by Co-founder and Head of Strategy at The Lumery, Ben Fettes.

The Lumery is a full-service customer experience agency that specialises in marketing and
advertising technology. They make the connections between people, process, data and technology. Ben spoke about how he started out creating his own agency and how The Lumery works. 

He and a friend often joked about starting up their own agency and working by their own rules. One night after a few too many drinks, they decided to turn their jokes into a reality. They knew everything was on the line, but they were willing to take that chance.It took a bunch of sleepless work nights to get to where they are today – a year and a half later from their original idea at the beginning. 

Ben went through and showed us what The Lumery can see and do behind the scenes on any client site that they work for. It was quite interesting to see all the data that can actually be seen from the other end. It was interesting that they can also personalise sites for the consumer that is online at any given moment.

It was super cool to see what goes on behind the scenes and all the strategy that goes into it. Being able to find out all the different aspects of an agency really made us all excited to see what is in our own futures in regards to working in agency after graduation.

We’re all super thankful to have been given some knowledge about the ins and outs of the industry.

Article by student, Jasmine Tambouras

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