Entrepreneurs Share Hottest 3 Tips on Making it Big

The 2014 Macleay College Entrepreneurship Forum hosted an exciting line-up of some of Australia’s hottest young entrepreneurs in the digital space. Each young entrepreneur explained how they achieved success before the age of 30 and shared some of their top business tips.

Here are 3 of their top tips:

1. Think positive
“You kind of have to be irrationally optimistic or naively positive to keep on the hustle" says Whitney Komor, Founder of The Best Day.

“The one I thing I bring to the team that I do better than the other people … is that I can be so excited day in and day out about what we’re doing,” she said.

2. Plan for the future and build relationships
"Think about the business outgrowing you. From the first day, I built relationships with people who could acquire Her Fashion Box in two to three years" says Kath Purkis, CEO and founder of Her Fashion Box.

“The reason I did that is because Her Fashion Box will one day outgrow me, and I’m realistic. I’m only one person and I’ve got a great team. But even with investment, eventually we will be acquired to somebody who can do great things.”

3. Fail early on and learn from it
Even the best and brightest have fails along the way, the point is to dust yourself off, learn from your mistake and move on. Genevieve George told the audience she lost a down payment of $2500 to a fraudulent company who promised to build her website.

“It’s better to fail quickly, fast and cheaply, you’re better off getting out there and giving it a go” says Genevieve George, CEO and Founder of  OneShift.

Want to know more about what they had to say? Stay tuned for footage coming soon!

Young Entrepreneurs share their stories. From left to right: Jamie Moore, General Manager of Hello Sunday Morning, Bridget Loudon, Founder of Expert 360, Kath Purkis, CEO and founder of Her Fashion Box and Genevieve George, CEO and Founder of OneShift

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