Our Business, Accounting and Marketing courses focus on innovative practices and project-based learning

Our diploma and bachelor courses in Business, Accounting and Marketing provide a broad knowledge of business operations as well as targeted skills in areas like customers, marketing, finance, strategy, business policy, communications and IT. You’ll develop entrepreneurial skills, learn to keep the financial wheels of a company spinning, help brands make their mark on the world and much more. Interactive presentations, industry-specific case studies, and group and individual assignments stimulate innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and help you reach your full potential. Designed and taught by industry professionals, our courses feature small classes with personalised teaching to nurture your unique strengths. Courses also include internships to help you build real-world professional experience and grow your network.


Business Courses

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Our enterprise approach to studying business is unique, giving you the tools to develop a broad knowledge of business operations, bring your ideas to life and gain targeted skills by choosing one of the following specialisations: entrepreneurship, event management, marketing, public relations, sports business and travel and tourism.

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Business Management




As the world of accounting continues to evolve at an ever-accelerating rate, it creates more opportunities for skilled graduates. In response to this constantly growing environment, our accounting courses are industry-focused and innovative. By giving you a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, your course will help set you up for a successful career in the accounting industry.

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Business (Accounting)

A day in the life of Business

Our successful graduates

“Students really get close to people working in industry. During my first year, I secured a role at Swarovski.”

Holly Moody
Diploma of Business Specialising in PR, Events Executive at Swarovski

"Everyone at Macleay really cares about you. I just loved being there."

Ashleigh Chapple
Bachelor of Business Specialising in Event Management, Project Coordinator at AGB Events

“My lecturers helped me gain confidence about starting my own business."

Zafira Shahishta
Bachelor of Business Specialising in Event Management, Founder at Whisk Catering

Macleay College classes are taught by industry experts


Lisa Campton, Melbourne
Head of Business (Acting)

I have 20+ years experience in advertising, media and marketing and have worked in many of Australia's largest agencies including Saatchis, MediaCom and Mitchells (now DentsuX). . I have steered the strategy for some of Australia's most successful  brands including GMH Holden, Glasko Smith Kline, Sara Lee and the Woolworths group.  

Dr Manny Aston, Sydney
Academic Mentor

Dr Manny Aston has over 30 years of higher education teaching experience and holds degrees at Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels within the fields of psychology, education, communications and the creative arts. With a background in film and television, Manny is also a published playwright and author of numerous creative and academic texts. His book Study Right has become one of Australia’s best selling ‘How to Study’ guides.

Florence Dobbie, Sydney

I worked for Nestle, in my home country of France, as an intern and later was offered a job with Nescafé where I stayed for three years. After completing my second Masters in Sydney, I worked for health and construction brands in marketing roles. I started my own business in 2015 and now work with small to large companies helping them develop their marketing strategies.

Dr Gerard Reed, Sydney

I am a Subject Leader for Enterprise Innovation at Macleay College with experience in economic development with an emphasis on entrepreneurial and innovative screen business practices. I have experience as a producer, director, writer, director of photography, editor, narrator and researcher for factual programming, with a specialisation in documentary produced formats, across platform and broadcast television applications. I hold a PhD in Entrepreneurship and a Master of Entrepreneurship degree from ECIC, a Master of Arts degree from The University of the Arts, London (UAL), and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia.

Emanuel Perdis, Sydney

I’m an Entrepreneur with over 25 yrs business experience  as the Managing director and co-founder of Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics. I lecture and teach Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business. I have also authored a groundbreaking book in Entrepreneurship called the Itch: The Alchemy of the Soul Along the Entrepreneurial Journey.

Juliet Hudson, Sydney

Living a life full of Tourism and Events Work Experience across the Asia Pacific Region & Global travel adventures with Event & Tourism companies such as Accor, Outrigger Resorts, Globus Tours & Dockside venue group, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and engaging the next generation of Events & Tourism professionals. Macleay is where I began my Lecturing career many years ago and I’m excited to be back on the team.  

Esther Gretton, Melbourne

My career has spanned across business development, strategy, marketing, sales and consulting roles within small and large businesses. After years in the corporate 9-to-5 world, I finally took the plunge and started my own business. I currently run Savvy Entrepreneurs Online with my business partner along with my own business coaching practice.

Wijasena Setiawan, Sydney

I’m a professional accountant works for ASX listed company for the past 16 years. I am responsible for several project management, system implementation, and continuous improvements within the finance department. I assisted the implementation of a new accounting system (Oracle-Netsuite), automated several processes with a strong focus on efficiencies and cost savings.

Robert Cugno, Melbourne

In a nutshell you can describe me as a teacher, coach, mentor, entrepreneur, academic, podcaster, father and husband.  My life motto is “connect, engage, teach” and it drives everything I do.  It is the driver behind my extensive, multi-facetted career.  The value I bring to my students is the connection between what they study in a classroom and how it really applies in business and how it may impact on their careers.

Philip Divisek, Sydney

I focus on providing students with insight into how theory may be applied to improve outcomes in real-world scenarios.

Shafiul Azam CA, Sydney
I hold 18 years of professional accounting/business industry experiences, worked as Manager (Accounts), Deputy Manager (Accounts), Assistant Manager (Accounts) and Budget Officer etc. capacities in six different organizations, from a small company to a large oil & gas corporation and around 12 years of accounting/business academic career which put me in a suitable position to teach in the area of business/accounting. 
Jasvir Kaur, Sydney

I am full member of Institute of Public Accountants, a certified BAS agent and currently working as Business and Accounting Lecturer at Macleay College. My professional life spans 16 years of experience in accounting, business management, consultancy and as a lecturer in higher education.

I am passionate about providing the best learning experience for my students and have received numerous awards related to teaching quality and student satisfaction. My goal is to support my students to grow and give them the skills to pursue their dream careers.

Should you go for a diploma or bachelor?

We understand that different people are looking for different outcomes when they chose to study at Macleay. That’s why we offer both diploma and bachelor programs. 

What’s the difference?


Diploma courses can be completed within 12 months with no ATAR required. Graduating with a diploma opens the door to many employment opportunities, and provides a pathway to articulate into the bachelor program. 


Bachelor degrees can be completed within 2 years, which means you’ll graduate faster than you would at traditional universities. If you completed Year 12 in the past 2 years, we’ll review your ATAR as one part of your application, but it isn't everything. These fast-tracked 2-year degrees get you into the workplace sooner.

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What is the future of accounting?

The role of the accountant is changing. Businesses are demanding more from their accountants and are asking them to wear many new hats, including informing the strategic direction of the organisation. With ever-changing disruptions brought on by technology like AI, accountants must keep an open mind and stay ahead of the times. Discovering innovative ways to use new technologies to enhance business outcomes is the way of the future.

What is the future of business?

The future of business rests in businesses’ ability to harness the possibilities of emerging technologies to blow their customers away with exceptional, surprising, and exciting customer experiences. As technology plays a larger role in consumer choices, companies that learn to embrace and master technology will be the winners. In the future, businesses will be in constant communication with consumers as they design new processes and develop new ways of operating.

What is the future of marketing?

The marketing industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape; a whirlwind of risk taking, continual learning, tight deadlines and external and internal stakeholders. Marketing campaigns of the future will be more responsive and interactive, in line with technological advancements and new media opportunities such as voice search. 

Comprised of almost 2 billion people worldwide, Gen Z is creating the future of marketing, and it's looking bright. This generation is the most connected and educated generation ever, and its members are globally, socially, visually and technologically capable. They’ve been born into a major transitional era as climate change begs greater social responsibility from businesses and consumers alike. 

As marketers, it's our job to live and breathe as this new generation does and ensure our communication strategies are speaking their language. We need to lead by example and keep our clients’ brands honest.

What is the admissions policy at Macleay?

The criteria for admission to our courses are detailed in our Admissions Policies. You can view the Admissions Policy for domestic students here, and international students here.

If I enrol as a full-time student, can I change to part-time study after I’ve started the course?

You may change your study load from full-time to part-time and vice versa during your studies. However, to avoid academic and/or financial penalty, you should make any changes to your enrolment prior to Census Date for that trimester.

Can I defer the start of my course?

As a domestic student you can defer the start of your course for up to a maximum of 12 months. If you want to defer for a longer duration, you’ll be required to withdraw from the course and re-apply when you’re ready to recommence your study at Macleay College.

I have completed subjects at another institution. Can I get credit towards my course at Macleay College?

If you have studied at a university or other tertiary institution, you may be eligible for course credit for the subjects you have completed. This is known as Recognition of Prior Learning (or RPL) and may result in course credit via the grade ‘Advanced Standing’. Advanced Standing recognises your previous study and may reduce the number of subjects required to complete your course at Macleay College.

How many hours do I have to do for my internship/work placement? Do I get paid for it?

Diploma students are required to complete a minimum of at least 84 internship hours. If you’re studying one of our Degrees, you are required to complete 168 internship hours. Although most internships are unpaid, you are encouraged to do more intern hours in order to increase job-readiness after you graduate. Find out more about our Internship Program.

Will the College help me get my internship/work placement?

We constantly receive offers from employers in the business, accounting and marketing industries requesting interns. Our lecturers are industry practitioners and can also help you to find work placement in an area of your interest. However, it is recommended that you select the internship of most interest to you and make an application.

How can I pay my course tuition fees?

Domestic students can pay course tuition fees either with an upfront invoice, via the FEE-HELP loan system, or a combination of both.  International students must pay upfront.


Up-front payments tuition protection privacy notice 

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