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Bachelor of Business: Sports Business

  • a Sports Agent
  • a Sponsorship Manager
  • a Sports Administrator
  • a Sports Marketing Coordinator

Why choose a Macleay College Sports Management Course?

  • At Macleay College we believe in real world course content to ensure you're job ready.
  • Our course material and teaching method incorporates the latest industry practices and real world experience.
  • Our lecturers have industry experience and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Our small classes feature personalised teaching that nurtures your unique strengths.

Why study Business Management specialising in Sports Business?

The Bachelor of Business specialising in Sports Business will provide you with the business skills needed to make it in the competitive world of sports. Immerse yourself in the sports industry whilst developing your understanding of marketing, finance, management and innovation.

In Year 1 our Bachelor of Business will teach you about sports management including club and team administration, broadcasting, merchandising, sports marketing, and much more. You will learn about human resources, player management, marketing and promotion, and how to run successful events. You will gain a broad overview of marketing, innovation, business communications, research and positive psychology.

In Year 2 you will further develop your sports marketing skills. You will learn core business skills such as leadership, strategic management, project management and business finance. You will know how to make solid business decisions based on a thorough understanding of economic and marketing data. Two elective subjects also provide you with the flexibility to follow a specific interest.

Each year you’ll take part in our internship placement program. It is an excellent opportunity to build your professional network and whilst applying all of the practical knowledge you’ve gained throughout the course.

There is a focus on action and experiential learning including interactive presentations, industry specific case studies, team work, individual assignments and real world projects which stimulate innovative thinking.

Sports Management Specialisation

In this subject you’ll be examining and discussing the various stakeholders that constitute sports associations and organisations. This includes identifying the different governance and policy mechanisms used in the sports industry as well as evaluating the role of governance and policy in the provision of sport services and corporate relations.

The course will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new ideas thereby helping you to develop resilience, adaptability and self-confidence.

Course Features
Next Trimester:
September 2019
Full Time:
2 Years
Part Time:
4 Years
3 Years
Number of Units:
168 Hours
Evening Classes:
Sydney + Melbourne
Admission Requirements:
Fees per Unit:
Payment Options:
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Options for International Students:
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This qualification is recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework and is accredited to 30/08/2020 CRICOS Code 080556A

Our Business Lecturers and Alumni

Josh Edwards
Kiana O'Brien
Harrold Burman
Dr Manny Aston
Lisa Faye
Dr Pierre Van Osselaer
Esther Gretton
Sahra Douglas
Francesca Gerardis
Priscilla Lee
Thomas Heymann
Adnan Hassan
Amy Miller
Sarita Degruchy
Fran Cumming
Charmaine Aboud
David Rogerson

A Taste Of The Internship Possibilities

One Shift
Sydney Roosters
Public Relations Institute of Australia
Great Big Events
Laing and Simmons

The Bachelor of Business: Sports Business Curriculum





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