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Covid-19 Updates.
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Do you have questions about how COVID-19 could affect you and your studies? See our answers below. 

Q. Now that we have moved to online, does the timetable stay the same?

A. Yes, absolutely. Your classes will run at the same time each week.

Q. Are assessments still due on the dates listed on Moodle?

A. Yes, assessment due dates have not changed.

Q. Are all classes still 3 hours? (1.5 hours in Journalism)

A. This will vary by class. Your lecturer will discuss your class plan each week. Make sure you check your Macleay emails for regular updates. 

Q. Is attendance mandatory?

A. We urge you to take part in as many online classes as you can; we do not want you to fall behind with your studies. Attendance however will not be taken but online participation will be monitored. 

Q. What if I cannot access wifi for the class time?

A. Make sure you inform your lecturer if you are having any problems accessing your online class. 

Q. What about group work?  How will this work now that we have moved to online?

A. Again, your lecturer will discuss ways for you to manage this in the new online environment. 

Q. Are counselling services still available?

A. Most definitely. Melbourne students should contact Garrett at wellbeing@macleay.edu.au and Sydney students Gabriela at gdinatal@macleay.edu.au or Lynelle Scott-Aitken at lscottaitken@macleay.edu.au or book online. They are available Monday to Friday.

Q. What about Academic Skills support?

A. Sam in Sydney and Matt in Melbourne are online and are waiting to hear from you. They will also be running a series of workshops and drop ins. Make sure you look out for emails for all of the details. 

Q. What about library assistance? 

A. For all Sydney and Melbourne library and research questions including how to Harvard Reference and find information for assignments please email mlindhout@macleay.edu.au. Don't forget to check out our Research Databases on Moodle for academic journal articles. For a limited time we also have access to a number of Cambridge University Press Ebooks - please follow the link in Research Databases.

Q. Are the campuses in Sydney and Melbourne open?

A. The health and safety of our students and our staff are our number one priority. As a result we have closed our campuses until further notice. You can still call the main switchboard numbers and our staff, who are all now working remotely, are waiting to take your call. Or you can fill out the form below and we will reply as soon as we can. 


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