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Course Guide

On-Demand Webinar Series

Access Our On-Demand Webinars

Curious to know more about the programs we have here at Macleay?

Register to access our on-demand webinars with faculty heads Monica Attard (Journalism), Dr Jane Hession (Business & Marketing), and Ian Thomson (Advertising & Digital Media).

Are there still jobs in journalism? What does the future look like in the industry? What are the essential skills young journalists need in this changing media environment? Monica Attard will answer all of your questions in our Journalism faculty webinar.

Advertising & Digital Media
How can you channel your creativity into a career? What jobs exist for Advertising & Digital Media graduates? And how does the Advertising course differ to Digital Media? Faculty Head Ian Thomson will answer all your questions in the Advertising & Digital Media faculty webinar.

Business & Marketing
What can you do to set yourself apart as a business graduate? What are the skills today's employers look for in business graduates? Is entrepreneurship the key to a successful career in business? Dr Jane Hession answers all these questions and more in our Business faculty webinar.