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Meet Caitlin Thomas

Caitlin Thomas

Caitlin is a Senior Account Executive at an Independent Creative & Media agency in Sydney. This follows her role at Y&R Sydney, the company she interned with as part of her Bachelor of Advertising & Media.

Tell us a bit about yourself
The name’s Caitlin.

Terrible puns, an overflowing wardrobe and an overwhelming love for chocolate basically form my genetic makeup. I’m an all in kind of gal and dive straight in to every single challenge (mostly accompanied by a lot of sass and snacks for the road).

I studied a Bachelor of Advertising and Media at Macleay College and now work full time in the industry.

What are your aspirations?
Everybody wants to change the world and I’m no different. I want to be at the forefront of communication and help drive action where it’s needed the most. Not only from brands to consumers, but address the problems we’re facing as a society and implementing awareness for change. It might be a small role I play in that, but I want to be there and ignite the fire that shifts our perspective.

In Advertising and Media, we understand the consumer, their thinking and personal journeys… it would be great to utilise this understanding to drive the behaviours that would make the world run a little more smoothly.

My goal at this point is to lead a campaign for a NFP client, developing work with real purpose and substance to inspire action.

After that… who knows!

Why did you choose the course?
Out of all the courses Macleay offer, I chose Advertising because it promised a creative outlet and an exciting opportunity to love what you do for work. PLUS the thought of an office job in a paint suit scares the living daylights out of me (spoiler, you can wear pretty much ANYTHING to work in an agency).

Macleay had always been an option I considered even before I enrolled at University. Their courses are shorter, with a better quality learning environment. Macleay even offers an amazing Internship program that requires students to complete before they graduate. It’s a great way to get students involved in the industry and open doorways to exciting opportunities.

What was the Macleay experience like?
For me, I spent roughly 3 days a week during my first year on campus. The experience was incredible! There was always a friendly face around campus and Lecturers were available more than you’d expect them to be – always offering up tips and advice when needed.

Not to mention there was always some sort of free food offering in the student lounge (which I desperately needed and now miss dearly).

Overall, the class schedules were great; the general vibe was energized and refreshing. It was great to be studying in a place where people genuinely enjoy what they’re doing.

Where did you intern during your studies?
I was lucky enough to intern in the Account Services team at Y&R Sydney, a creative agency apart of the global WPP network (one of the biggest network of agencies in the world!).

I wanted to be a creative, but after working as an Account Coordinator, I found I got to be apart of the entire process – from the initial briefing, to working with strategy, creative and production to produce the final result. I’ve picked up skills from every team and found it to be a versatile role that every Advertising student should consider!

Professionally, what are you up to now?
I am currently working as a Senior Account Executive at an Independent Creative & Media agency in Sydney. It’s a small team full of amazing people and multiple talents, I’ve been able to grow and learn so much here. My path will most likely continue in Advertising but I would love to see what other roles I can jump into from here, maybe strategy or even media. 

Bachelor of Advertising & Media
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Y&R Sydney
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Joy Agency

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