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Meet Thabani Tony Tshuma

Thabani Tony Tshuma

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism. A storyteller at heart, I’ve always had a heightened sense of imagination. As a child, I envisioned vast imaginative worlds, while as an adult the narrative of my stories is more personal as I discover a sense of identity. I was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, a country of abundant beauty, but also a place of unrest. My experience there has changed the aperture through which I view the world. I love to use poetry and spoken word to organise and express my emotions. I’m a strong advocate for mental health awareness, believing care for the mind is just as important as care for the body. 

I spent two years in the United States before arriving in Melbourne, Australia. I think the social conventions that separate us on a global scale are diminishing and contemporary society is more connected than ever before. I want to experience plenty of different cultures to become more empathetic to others. 

Melbourne coffee’s great, but I love living here for the people. In my experience, many Melbourne residents weren’t born here, so it’s a real hub for people of all backgrounds and a melting pot of ideas and cultures.

I chose to study at Macleay because it offers a more practical approach to Journalism than other institutions. We gain hands-on skills that are immediately applicable in the field and relevant to the ever-changing landscape of journalism practice.

I have felt so supported in my learning experience. My lecturers and other staff always go above and beyond to make sure we learn effectively, and able to reach out for additional help. At Macleay, I don’t feel like just another student, but an individual receiving the direction and guidance to pave the way for my future career. I just love the hands-on classes. Our lecturers make sure to keep us engaged, active, inquisitive and entertained as we learn how the theory and the practical can be seamlessly integrated.

If you’re considering studying at Macleay Melbourne, pack for ALL weather conditions. And keep an open mind as you learn, embracing the discomfort of new experiences and using it to fuel your passions.



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