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Meet Ronan Healy

Ronan Healy

Ronan has a Masters in Entrepreneurship Management and facilitates many of the entrepreneurship subjects at Macleay College.

He is passionate about inspiring students to consider entrepreneurship as a life path, and a way to create positive social change.

Ronan ran a highly successful construction company in Ireland and is an Innovation Consultant who uses a variety of methods such as Design Thinking, Service Design and Google Design Sprints to help organisations innovate.

He is also an Agile Coach in software development and mentors entrepreneurs during the start-up phase of their ventures.

Give us a quick run down on your background?
I'm from an entrepreneurial family background so have been around business all my life. I have a Masters in Entrepreneurship Management and have worked and consulted to businesses in a variety of industries.

How did you get into the industry?
I don’t operate exclusively in one industry. My Masters gave me an excellent understanding of various innovation methods such as Design Thinking and Service Design so I use these to help companies innovate.

What is the biggest difference in the industry since you were at university?
Speaking generally for all industries there is now a high level of disruption as entrepreneurs now have access to technology which didn't exist or was too expensive to attain. Industries which previously had limited competition now have to compete with start-ups that are quickly taking significant market share.

What do you do when you are not teaching?
I am consulting with Macleay for a number of months as they are introducing 'Problem-based Learning'. This a very exciting time for Macleay as they have embraced a highly innovative way of facilitating learning that only a handful of learning institutions around the world have adopted.

I'm also currently working on two pieces of software as my own personal run around after my 19 month old daughter who refuses to sit still.

What do you enjoy about teaching at Macleay?
That the learning experience for students is the complete opposite to traditional lectures. Our problem-based learning environment is more like working in Google with a team of 20 people than sitting in some boring lecture filled with hundreds of students.

What subjects do you teach at Macleay?
Enterprise Innovation, The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Business Consulting and Economics for Business.

What is the best advice you give your students?

Stay humble and curious! 


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