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Concerned about your ATAR? 

Here at Macleay College we think that you are much more than just a number, and we provide you with the support to help achieve your goals. If you’ve missed out on entering one of our bachelor courses, don’t panic. A lower than expected ATAR doesn't mean missing out on your dream course as we determine your suitability on a few different factors. 

All of our diploma courses can be completed in 12 months and require no ATAR. Graduating with a diploma opens the door to many employment opportunities and provides entry into our bachelor's degrees. And you can still graduate within 2 years!

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Your Macleay Pathway

How does it work? It’s simple. Start in one of our diploma programs, and after successfully completing in 12 months (or 3 trimesters), you’ll progress into your chosen bachelor’s degree. You’ll receive credit for your diploma studies and graduate with a diploma and a bachelor’s degree after just 2 years!

Our bachelor courses also require no ATAR but you will need relevant subject pre-requisites to be eligible

Concerned about your ATAR? Check out Pathways at Macleay College

How To Apply

To be eligible for one of our diploma or bachelor courses, simply search for ‘Macleay College’ in VTAC or UAC and add the course of your choice to your list of preferences. Non-Year 12 students can apply directly through macleay.edu.au

Visit vtac.edu.au or uac.edu.au for details.

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